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Top Gear fans, please read ;)

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There is now an online petition to the BBC has been launched.


Please all read & then sign the online petition.

Ive done it im 22564 on the petition ;)

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done and sending it to friends :)
Done, number 22631

j :hangloose
done diddily done number 22660
done. even if they drop it another channel will take it up. Shame cos it's a bbc2 flagship in my opinion.

No adverts and commercial interest clogging the programme up
Done! its the only show on the beeb thats worth watching :hangloose
Signed :)
Done 23201 :D
signed it so long ago I have no idea what my number was :)
done diddly un!! 23483 :hangloose
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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