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Does anyone have a recommendation for Travel Insurance please?
I've had a look on 'Which?' and 'Money Saving Expert' as well as other websites, and they all recommend providers based on what they're policy covers.
However, when looking at reviews on Trust Pilot for every single Travel Insurance provider, the reviews for 'ease of use', 'level of cover', 'website' etc are good; but the reviews for people that have actually made a claim are abysmal. Customers have reported claims that have dragged on for over 5 months, companies not answering phone calls, not returning calls; basically using every trick in the book to get out of processing/paying out.
Does anyone have any real recommendations, that they have used, and made a claim on successfully, and it actually came through?
If making a claim is so difficult/ impossible, then what's the point in taking out insurance in the first place?
Thanks in advance.
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