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trying to find a tie rod tube....

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no where seems to stock them, thought it would be a pretty easy part to get hold of as they do tend to go just before mot time :crazy: .

Need the drivers side tube as i have the tie rod ends...but no-one seems to sell them. Anyone got any idea where i might pick 1 up as the one off the car has the tie rods rusted into it and no matter how much heat i put on it, they won't budge!


Nick :hangloose
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anyone? its the last item i need before i can mot my bug and therefore stop having to cycle into work! please help.... :hangloose
Do VW Heritage/SSP not do them now? Sure that's where I got mine from not so long ago...

If not, stick a wanted ad in the For Sale/Wanted section..

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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