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TwoToneAlex's Late Bug Bonanza! Heat Exchangers, Wings, Smooth Fan Shroud + MORE

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I'm updating this on Sunday a bit more when I get to have a proper clear out, but here is a few things.

Price does not included postage, collection or I can package for a courier/courier for buyer.

:paypal: as a gift or bank transfer!


Front Pair of Late Bug Wings

Got the bumper slots, IGP Repro, with a few scrapes etc, perfect for rat look, or just spend an hour to clean them up with a bit of work.

Passenger side front wing has quite a big rip to the left of where the running board fits.

Pictures coming on Sunday!

The very reasonable price of £15 for the pair.

Smoothed Repro Fan Shroud & COIL!

This came fitted to a 1500 SP engine, however i'm more a stock man, so this is going - It came off a 1500SP engine but couldn't say what else it will fit!

It's been adjusted with a grinder at the base (out of sight) to fit correctly but the original owner.

Complete that smooth Hi-Po engine bay!

£20 for this beaut!

Late Bug 1300-1600 Heat Exchangers!

One is in my possession, the other this Sunday, both are in good condition, small amounts of rust in places, and have had repairs in the past, could do with a few small repairs on the spine along the bottom, and possibly where the outer shell joins to the 'J tube'.

All mechanisms are there and working great!

Powdercoated in a blue colour, however surface rust/oil has made a lot of it flake off.

I'll check the second exchanger is as described on Sunday before taking any money!

£25 for the pair!


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Rearrange this sentence:

items Three not a does bonanza make.

More stuff being updated tonight!

Will = Arse :p
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