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OK guys. I am gonna build a 2270 lump over the winter. Its for my split bus which is often crammed full of kit and people so I need some real grunt for them hills and long motorway slogs as my 1800 type 4 just isnt really up to it.

So far I have the following parts:-
96mm Keith Black stroker pistons
Type 4 1800 case
Type 4 1800 heads which will be polished and ported.
Twin 40 Dells
BAS exhuast system
DTM kit

My questions before I go and spend my bucks with one or more of the reputable suppliers that post here.

What rods, standard type 1, Scat I beams or what ????
What camshaft and followers
What compression ratio, someone has suggested 9:1 as a good compromise.
What carb vent size and jets?

If anyone wants to sell me parts I will be interested as this has to be completed on a tight budget.


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What crank are you running? T1 journaled?
I would be runnnign something with uprated bolts (e.g arp.)

Personally, when i get round to building my type 4, I think I will be going with LA 2L ARP rods on a 2l crank, for 2l or maybe 2056. I hope to run an mildish street cam with a stock set of 2l 914 heads.

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good evening typ4 heads.
splitty............ all depends on what k.B,s you have, 24mm pin ( stock) or do you have 22mm pin ones??, when we build 2270cc i only use dpr crank 78.4mm cb chromoly rods either 5.4 or 5.5 length and then the 22mm k.B strokers, you will need a smaller base circle cam and even then you will need to clearence 2 of the rods and crankcase. i like the type 1 journaled cranks full stop dont use any other, but thats me. if you have 24mm pin k.b,s you will have to use stock type4 rods and a suitable 78.4mm crank, you might not need to clearence rods to cam as stock rod has smaller big end journal, but please who ever you buy from, and if you use stock type4 rods make sure you change rod bolts to arp, its a week link in 2.0L rods.
you will need cylinder spacers aswell, also puhrod spacers, use your vw cylinders aswell rebored not those awfull repro kit cylinders , (shite :mad: )
i have in stock 78.4mm type 1 journaled dpr crank, cb rods and 22mm pin K.B,s also some webcam smaller base circled cams, but probably a bit to wild for yer.
you will need some 44x38 heads to feed this beast atleast and some 44/45mm carbs, shame you not about tomorrow as ive 2 vehicles in the shop at he mo, ones a bay with 140bhp mild 2270cc and the others a mild 150bhp 2270cc in a bug, bug was at the rolling road yesterday pulled 160ft/llb of torque at only 4000rpm i could show you what a 2270cc can do in a bus or a bug , but bug goes back to customer tomorrow and bay goes saturday, i have graphs to prove though if you wanna look . torque of these engines is unreal always shocks the dyno/rolling road i use.
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