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1966 Type 34 Razor Edge Price: £35000​
Selling my type 34 razor Edge..
Very cool looking car with the perfect stance..
Rare henna red with black roof.
Rock solid only ever having rear pans and a tiny patch let in on bottom of wing..
Og paint on all inner arches..
Slammed on the original beam with narrowed arms and dropped spindles..
New rear adjustable springplates.
Porsche pattern vented discs front an rear hubs..
Detailed porsche fuch reps with new firestone tyres all round..
Standard gearbox /and 1600 twin carb engine..
New rubber seals all round..
Brand new stainless bumpers..
New headlining..
New grey squareweave carpets..
All in all a fantastic looking razor Edge..
May px with early og paint bug plus cash my way..
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