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Type 4 motor, FI relay help/advice needed

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Hello, i have a type 4 2lt in a 78 bay and the relay which im pretty sure controls the fuel injection has packed up. Trouble is after speaking to a couple of companies with regard to a replacement it seems the numbers dont match up. Its a 12v 15amp and there are two sets of numbers on the top, 022 906 059 and 0532514104.
Can anyone help me out here i cant run my motor without, obviously, but if i cant correctly identify it then im stuffed. It has 11 spade connectors.

Any help appreciated

Russ... :hangloose
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022 906 059 is a stock VW part number but it may have been superceeded. Ask at a VW main dealer if the part is still available or has been superceeded by another number. The second number if seperated correctly 0 532 514 104 is a stock Bosch number format, so try at a Bosch agent as well.
022 906 059
is the correct VW P/N for the "Double Relay".

The other # is a Bosch internal P/N.

There were a few other similar relays with slightly different
part numbers.

022 906 059 was also used on FI Beetles.
Cheers guys..


Russ.. :hangloose
Hey Jim,
the first link you posted up is that relay the same as the one i have just with a superceded number. It will work in exactly the same way ?

Thanks again

Yes, that's the common garden-variety relay for both
Beetle and Bus with 11 terminals.
Cheers Jim..

Top work..

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