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type4 / 1 pushrods whats the difference??

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doin a rebuild
I have a set of cb chromoly cut to length rods, are these any good for a type 4??
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I doubt it, type 1 pushrods are compressable, you put them in place overlength then tighten down heads to get them the right length and sealed good. Type 4 pushrods are fitted after the heads are bolted down, through the holes in the heads.
redhouse you are mistaking pushrods for pushrod tubes.

doh! good job I'm in front of the computer and not in the garage today :crazy:
I have used cut to length ones on my type four but found them to be much noisier than the original ally ones .I went back to original stock length ones and used spacers to get the geometry right.The radius of the end pieces look to be the same and theoretically should cause no problem.
we only use manton cro mo,s , just make sure you set zero lash. all the best Lee.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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