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Uh oh...

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Lesson 1... never think "Oooh, that rusty patch looks interesting... i'll poke it!"

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Vicster said:
Whats that off??
the bit behind the bumper... i've replaced wot was rusty now though :D

richardy - i put the can there for scale :lol:
yep, never poke a crusty snatch,never :incheek:
Was that mum and dads rust too Icky?
anon e mouse said:
Was that mum and dads rust too Icky?
nah this lot's all mine... on the t25! :crazy:
:lol: oops. i learnt that lesson last year. i went round my car sanding out any little rust bubble i could see n spraying with primer..........hence beebugs not entirely yellow look :crazy:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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