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Hello all,

I am new here, sorry if I miss any etiquette!

Unfortunately my wife's cousin passed away late last year, he was an avid VW fan, who I would of guessed may have even been a member of this forum!
I have been asked to look at selling his 4 VW Beetles, of various types, in a barn in Scotland, unfortunately I am from Hertfordshire (~400mi away!), and have little knowledge in this area.

I have a large number of photos of the cars, so any help would be highly appreciated.
As a taster I'm sharing the 4 best photos of the cars, I've been told there is a soft top one and a "Jeans" one.
There are also a lot of tools and spares in and around the cars, I have no idea what the condition is of these, so I'm guessing they'll be for scrap unfortunately.

If you are aware of any clubs that operate near the Dundee area I would love to hear from you too!

Many thanks in advanced,

IMG_20210406_164129.jpg IMG_20210406_164146.jpg IMG_20210406_164422.jpg IMG_20210406_164458.jpg

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Hello and welcome.

Here's a list of a few Scottish VW clubs - I'm not sure how current it is - but worth a try anyway.

My condolences on your loss - and good luck with the valuations/sales.


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Lothian’s vw club and west of Scotland vw Club on Facebook is about it for active clubs i think.
is picture 3 a black Mexican beetle ? I think I recall the owner posting here about these in the past ?
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