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Vanfest question!

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Anyone order a 2006 plaque from vanfest?
I went to get one but they had ran out but was told i could order one which i did,paid my dosh but as of yet still no plaque,anyone else in the same boat? :rolleyes:
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I take it im the only one then :(
Don't know about the plaques but all i wanted ws a vanfest 2006 sticker for me window but they'd run out when i got there on sat, anyone know if i can get one??? :elvis:
re; Vanfest Plaque

Kev, If you clear out your PM box, maybe we will be able to send you something to sort this out.


www.vanfest.org :)
pm box cleared mate,kev.
Re: Vanfest 2006 Stickers

We will have another wad of Vanfest 2006 Stickers @ Bugfreeze.

Or if you send a SAE to Vanfest Address I will send you one now.

Wessington House
2 Milton Lane
OX13 6SA


www.vanfest.org :)
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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