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Whilst considering subaru engine conversions, suitable transmissions are another concern.

On many other forums, most people seem to go for Porsche box conversions.

I can see the bennefits, but lots of people keep saying that you can break any gearbox with enough abuse.

On the basis that ther are many 9 - 11 sec Beetles our there that are litterally ripped up the strip all day with burn outs, slicks and one dumped clutch start after another - there must be a tried and trusted minimum spec of trans that will reliably stand up to such abuse?

I mean, if one part keeps on breaking, 'someone must make a stronger one' theory until the whole box has been gone through and a reliable thouroughly abuseable spec has been developed?

Am I over simplifying thing here?

I just assume that after 40 years of drag starts, the ultimate trans spec must exist?

I'd just prefer to stick with a Bug box that convert to a Porsche unit if I can help it.

Come on you turbo, nitrous, angry drag racers - what do you use that doesn't break?

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Have a look up there ^^^ at the mods tha Rancho make at each price point, then phone BEARS >>>> over there.

Alternatives are Porsche, but the ratios aren't ideal for drag racing and the 915 box can be a little recalcitrant....or Mendeola.

Of course, if you move the motor forward Powerglide is the Drag industry standard ....
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