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Thats Right folks VivaskegVegas is back!!!! This year 17th May

Xsite skatepark is a local charity (Reg charity number 1108889) this year there will be a small entry fee of three pounds payable on the gate this will ensure us to keep our dream alive both Xsite skatepark and VivaSkegVegas for 2009 thank you for your support

The venue:

Xsite skate park, north parade, skegenss, lincolnshire, pe25 1ba

Xsite skatepark is a new multimillion skate park, which myself and friends from an early age were into vw's & Skatebording and as weve progressed we all are still into them and fortunately through our skateboarding days a few of us founded the organisation that got the skate park to where it is now, so we think its only fair to offer a new kind of date to the vw calendar for this year and hopefully many to come.... This year Xsite see's a new and exciting addition a state of the art concrete skate plaza (boards and blades only sorry)

'show and shine'

this will be open to both classes, air and water cooled, with trophies for best of aircooled, and for best of watercooled, furthest travelled... and Best of Show best club display So get polishing and another special trophy made by Bobby Wilcox of Milk&Two fame

Trade Stalls
As last year we will have a larger selection of trade stalls (PM me for pitch reservation)


various prizes will post a comprehensive list as it grows


snack bar within the skatepark is open for use of dubbers as well as skaters/bmx'ers etc. And also the Xsite BBQ will be flaming away


dubbers attending the show will be allowed a discounted entry to the skatepark and discount hire charges for bmx's/boards might be available, or bring your own!! to avoid disapointment There will be Pro skate demos throughout the day Teams to be confirmed

'autojumble area'

there will be a set area for auto jumbel the pitch will be FREE PM me for reservation, so if youve got any bits you wanna swap/sell, bring em along who knows you might make a few quid!!


parking is free and there will be a set area for the show and shine people, and the autojumble area , any body wishing to hold a club stand PM and we will reserve a space for you and your set number of cars This year we have the whole carpark !!!!


safety is prime concern at this show to make sure everyone is safe and no people are taking advantage of open spaces etc... those deemed to be causing problems will be asked to leave via security staff, any more problems and the police will be involved (station across the road), safety in the skate park is also a concern, any one wishing to use the the park will be asked to sign a disclamier/membership form so as to any injuries are at your own risk.

why not make a night of it , theres plenty of decent hotels to stop at and skegness nightlife is 2nd to none, please find below links to the skatepark venue and a couple of hotels which are some of the best around which you could possibly stop in if you wanted to make a night of it, there is cheaper alternatives ie: bed and breakfast these are plenty and range from £15 a night but you get what you pay for!! i can only describe skegenss as a very clean mini blackpool....

anyways chek below for links to skatepark/venue and a couple of decent hotels...
skegness is here

Its you the dubbers out there that make these shows/meets what they are so show some support and give it a go!! TO EVERY ONE WHO ATTENDED LAST YEAR A VERY BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT

hope to see you in May Viva Skeg Vegas Crew

any sponsers are welcome, or people wishing to donate prizes for raffle etc..

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Hello VW Vaze
Nice pictures any chance of some more, not because
im vain or anything but i 'might' be in some others hahaha
If you look through my preivious posts at the Thank you Skegvegas thread there are a load of peoples photos on there

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glad to see this is on again, just registered on here as i did a google search and it brought me to here, i popped along for an hour last year and it was good, have got some pics somewhere too from last year which ill sort out, myself and alot of others are wondering if this is open to watercooled this year?? there were big reviews in loads of watercooled magazines last year as well as wolksworld and they rated it loads but all the watercooled sites i use i havent seen it advertised anywhere?? any news on this?? hope its not turned into aircooled only as a few of us from north lincolnshire were thinking of driving over and possibly asking for a clubstand spot?

also is it £3 per car or per person??
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