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Volks World Mag & DVD Guide to Maintenance

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Hi Boys and Girls,
Well I have been instructed by "She who must be obeyed" to clear out the basement and make way for some more stuff so I have for sale copies of Volks World Magazine from April 2004 to December 2007.
If you want a specific copy for your collection contact me and I'll take a peek to see if I have it.
I'd like £1 a copy and I've worked out on the Post Office site they'll cost £1.50 each to post in the UK, so £2.50 a copy inc P&P.:)

I've also got a DVD of Volks World Show 2005 at Sandown Park 2nd - 3rd April which is £1 plus 80p P&P.
And a DVD "Volksworld Guide to Beetle Maintenance" which is handy if you're new to tinkering with VW's. Again £1 plus 80p P&P.

I'm in Rugby, Warwickshire and you can get me on 07950 405521.
If you live local you can pop in and save the postage.:)
Cheers, Martin.
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i'll take the Volksworld Guide to Beetle Maintenance it all comes in handy when you have'nt got a clue
Yours MarkH1234 for £1.80.
Give me a tinkle or PM me for contact details.
Cheers, Martin
I'll take Volksworld April 2004 if you have it please.
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