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As you all know the wet autumn prospects mean only one thing: keeping your beloved jewels dry will be hard for those without a garage. Sometimes, though, a garage may only be the start of a new set of problems, for instance:

1) it is big enough to get in and out of the car but you can't even open one door fully;
2) there is no lighting and
3) no power supply;
4) location location location: you have to plan going there;
5) safety: vandals kick the door in or worse, for laughs;
6) leaky roof.... Shall we go on?

My lock-up features all of the above, but at £23 a month and with free maintenance (courtesy of Leeds City Council) one can't complain: would I find anything cheaper? Probably not. The pros and cons must be difficult to assess when dealing with an old vehicle, there will be some VW owners who can get desperate and emotional and will not let go to the last, even when they cannot repair the car themselves or when the experts give it the thumbs down. Were it not for the sentimental value, and the personal hardships each classic car owner has to go through sooner or later in order to get their darling wheeler back on the tarmac, I doubt that economics would justify anyone ever investing in, say, an old Beetle or Kombi.

I am in two minds about selling, and besides the inexplicable feeling that the new owner would change it into something I didn't think suited the car, I would also hate to see it go for ever... But is it justifiable to keep my Beetle garaged for months without doing anything to make it better? That must surely be worse than at least giving it a chance to be taken in by an owner that would get on with it and get her back out there...

Do you agree? What is your experience...
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