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when is it out anyone know?

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thats shop date tho isnt it? mine comes in the post just i want mine b4 i go away :(
I aint got mine neither. But I think my sub has run out. :(
i know mine hasnt, thought it should be here by now :confused:
I subscribed and had confirmation that I would receive the next edition....

...I didnt. :( Hopefully I will get the next or I'll be asking for refund.
it was for sale at brighton im sure i saw a guy with a copy cause it had the red oxide rod on the cover .......... i aint got mine either
Nor me
In the shops on the 6th isnt it, so subs should get it any day
happening the same as ultra they subs taking ages to turn up havent got mine and as you say should be in the shops fri.i gave up looking for ultra every whsmith i go into hasnt got 1 :( if its getting more popular they should order more in i say :hangloose :D
it's in the shops on friday, subs should have it any day now.
We had advanced copies before the weekend and Ivan took some to the brighton breeze which is why you saw a few copies floating around.
Sorry for the delay sometimes when they come in before a weekend it takes a day or two longer to get them out

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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