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i've posted this before in vehicles for sale but no joy, so i thought i'd try the h20 section;)
97P VR6 highline, clutch and or final drive tits up, so needs a clutch at least either way its an engine out job. i would do it but the usual long list of excuses - house to finish, bus to finish(well start)etc etc
its a tidy motor apart from the gearbox/clutch,its 5 door, black, old skool bbs lattice alloys - all kerbed by the previous owner - a few stone chips, that bit of rust on the roofline by the windscreen (why do all golfs get that?) new rear tyres, fronts are both fecked (pokey V6) nice leather recaros, the highline has all the bells and whistles, leccy everything.
its been stood for about a year, i have started her regular and she runs nice, but i made the schoolboy error of leaving the handbrake on so it will need freeing off.
my missus has been bending my ear to get shot of this for a while now so offers around the £600 mark
car is in plymouth devon

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