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VW Beetle III

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Not sure whether this has been discussed already or not or how much is known about it but it just caught my attention..

I don't really know much about it myself but theres some linkage here..


any general thoughts and feelings? personally, I'm not too convinced by it all.. what do you reckon?
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personally dont like it but would be interested to see the variant version!
how can VW ruin something twice! what a joke
I don't think they've ruined anything once, never mid twice :)

The 'New Beetle' is now common place at shows and for the most part is a big hit with all enthusiasts despite them saying they'd never like it. Against most modern cars it stands out as something different and a bit quirky

This new model takes more styling hints from old beetles (lower screen height), a more aggressive stance from the custom scene and as far as I'm concerned looks great.

It's not a 'eurobox' and no other car looks anything like it - credit to VW for daring to try something a bit different
Newbie owners might get the hump with this ,but i think it looks less feminine
Didn't like the newbie and I don't like that one either.
The beetle=the car they should have stopped building in 1938.
The beetle=the car they should have stopped building in 1938.
Umm, what? Lol...
The beetle=the car they should have stopped building in 1938.
So how would that have worked then? If that was the case we wouldn't even have this forum.
The beetle=the car they should have stopped building in 1938.
Wasn't a huge fan or the second coming, not too fussed either way..

IMHO this new one seems to work quite well as an updated version of the old newbie. The roofline makes it look a bit like a karman cabrio, which is quite cool!
All the engines will be mated with a DSG paddle-shift transmission.
I hope it's coming in manual too!

Otherwise I love it :D
it ain't broke, so why they need to fix it
never liked nubee's anyway, but that's just horrible
Don't like it, the roof, front screen and air ducts in the front don't match any of the lines of the car.

Looks like a bad photoshop
has leepu been at it ??
I have to agree with some peeps on here. I don't like the look of the new one, in fact I think it looks worse than the current one (especially the front screen and roof line !!!).

I sat in one of the current ones for less than 5 minutes and just didn't feel safe in it. The first thing I noticed is that the visibility was unbelievably poor. All I saw was either the windscreen pillar or the top of the doors !!! At least I can see nearly everything around me when I am driving my beetles !

I just hope that they really don't ruin the "Variant" (whatever form that will take and I just hope that they don't make it the same as the brazilian "variant", which looks like a passat).
I have a newbie and an original. It has taken some time for the new one to grow on me but it did eventually and I think that is the unique way in which the beetle concept seems to work.

When they started with the original beetle I don't suppose there were that many people that thought much of it either, it was cheap and cheerful that's why people had them.

I suppose the new beetle pushed the boundaries a bit as it certainly wasn't that cheap and cheerful if you bought one new.

I can't really see the picture of this one properly partly because I have just got up and partly because 'Topspeed' like you to look at their logo and not the car it would seem, but I am sure no matter what it looks like it will still have that fanatical following that the previous models have enjoyed.

Golf in a dress? Sure, but you could also say that this is what the golf could be if the designers were allowed to free up their pen a bit.
The beetle=the car they should have stopped building in 1938.
The beetle=the car they should have stopped building in 1938.
i don't get it. what do you mean? :confused:
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