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VW Bugs in Daventry?

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Does anyone else own a VW bug in Daventry or am i the only one?
Are there any meets that happen round here?
Is it legal to drive without a working speedo? How much to get a whole new speedo? anyone got any idea's?

How much should I be expecting to pay for a whole new full body respray??? (I own a 1972 VW Bug)

Should changing gear be this difficult with a SCAT quick shift gear changer?

Sorry for all the questions guys and gals but I am a VW bug virgin! I dreamt about owning one since 14/15 and now at 26 (bday on sunday) I own my own VW Bug and its a beautifull beast!

Anyways would love to hear from anyone who can answer some of the above? Also one last question does NOS mean non standard?

There really should be some more web sites about VW ownership especially for new comers trying to learn the lingo, the whole world that is owning a vw and to understand the VW hand signs etc.... (or is that really just people swearing at me?) :moon:
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Dont know about Daventry as such, but there are clubs in northampton and also rugby, we have a few people come over to rugby each month from dav to our club meets in rugby, check out our site in my sig.
hi mate we,ve got quite a large club in Banbury too. just up the road from you your welcome anytime drop me a pm if your intersted.
hi you've got two different club meets in northampton if you fancy a drive ;)
queen elenor pub on the 2nd wed's or the turnpike on the last wed's
elenor's on the ring road and the turnpikes just after M1, J16 on the A45, might have a sunday convoy/meet soon keep em peeled :D
Get in contact with judgie on here about any technical stuff that needs doing on the car...he's the dogs :D

Can sort most things :D
NOS means new old stock, which means it's brand new but original old VW made (sat on a shelf somewhere) OR if you have gone silly with the racing or drug taking buddies it means Nitros oxide (laughing gas which makes you go faster)

seriously if you are stuck with the technical stuff give judgie a buzz in northampton, he did beanie bug's beetle who lives in Dav somewhere :D

welcome to the mad house by the way, you will never leave and if you have just bought a bug then you won't be able to afford to go out as there is always shinyer and faster :D
asked judgie about the tech stuff (he is my other half)

speedo need for the mot, may not need new one may be cable etc

gear shift, should not be too hard but depends what you are used to

respray, how long is a piece of string, it depends how much prep it needs, what colour you want, how long do you want it to last etc you are looking at aprox £200 per panel depending on the variables and how good a job you want
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