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VW Corrado 1990 1.8 16v Red

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Hi guys,

I have been deliberating about this for weeks and have come to the difficult decision to sell my Corrado. She is a Red 1.8 16v with 158,000 miles on the clock. I bought her about 3 and a half years ago with the intention of driving it everyday and doing a couple of cosmetic things that needed doing. Unfortunately during this time I moved to a postcode verypopular with criminals, so the insurance rocketed and 'Red Sonia' had to stay in Devon. It has been officialy SORN for about 18 months, during that time I have to confess there have been a few cheeky runs around the lanes to keep her ticking over. It would take very little time, knowledge or money to get this car to a decent standard - sadly I have none of these things. In the interest of full disclosure, please see below for good and bad points.


- All electrics working fine last time I drove it, including spoiler and MFA
- Good interior
- Nice alloys and exhaust if that's your thing
- Very little rust, if any
- Recent cam belt change
- Recent front discs and pads change
- A fair bit of service history
- Spare parcel shelf, front light, fuel pump (I think)


- Obviously suffering a bit from lack of driving. The battery is dead and needs replacing
- No tax or MOT
- The roof lining has been changed by an amateur and could do with replacing with an original
- Heater matrix bust
- Small dent (bit larger than a 50p) in the offside front wing
- Drivers sun visor has been cut to accomodate a new sunroof (I think from a Passat?)

As I said, it wouldn't take much to get her up to a decent standard. I don't want to use the word 'project', because I think that implies it's worse than it is! But she definitely needs some TLC. I always intended to put some effort in and do it myself, but lack of funds and knowledge have taken their toll.

I am looking for £650 but will consider all sensible offers. If anyone can explain how to put pictures on here I will stick some on straight away!

Myself and the car are based in Mid Devon, please don't hesitate to ask any questions, I will be as helpful and quick to reply as I can.


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Can't upload any more pictures, message me with your email address for detailed pictures of the interior/engine etc.
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