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VW specialists in Bristol area

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Hi, I've just bought my first T2 camper! I'm planning on doing most of the work myself, but wondered if anyone could recommend a garage or VW specialist in Bristol for general advice etc. Cheers Jonathan
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I'm new too! Plenty of good advice can be found on this board.

Where abouts are you in Bristol? I'm south of the river , which is pretty much camper country! Not many bugs spotted around here these days.

Found this link which lists a couple of places. Not used them yet though as i have to get my bug on the road first to even visit them.


Best of luck.
if you get yourself over to www.krazydubclub.co.uk and sign up for the forum there's a recommendations part where we say our experiences with local garages, shops and companies (to do with VWs).

Our next meet is on sunday, from 7 - see website for details - you're welcome to come along :)
Hi brizzle, I'm north of the river!! Thought it was worth finding someone good early on so as to avoid some great headaches later!! Just checked out your suggestion - some of those links look good, and the krazydubclub seems like a good place to join too.
Hi tofufi, thanks for your message. I'll check it out. Can't make the next meeting unfortunately but I will try to get along another time. I reckon I'm going to need a bit of welding done sometime before the MOT, so if you have any suggestions that would be gratefully received!!
Definitely head on over to the KDC site - lots of advice and info there.
For the welding and MOT stuff check out Bristol Cherished Cars - Martin's the man to see - top work too.

Hope to see you around Brizzle some time :hangloose
Great, cheers. Seems like Bristol Cherished Cars is the place to go. Thanks for your help with this.
hi i have heard hes a nice chap at bristol cherished cars ... oh hang on its me :D you should have an e-mail in reply to the one you sent.
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