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I thought it would be good to have a thread with all the links/info in one place. Anyone can join in but it does help if they have a PS3. May I recommendThis One as a good start.

1) PS3 Usernames on Volkszone
2) Current Offers
3) Old Offers
4) Recommended Games - Current
5) Recommended Pre-Order
6) PS3 as a Media Centre
7) PSN Store Update
8) VZi Clan Details
9) PS3 IPhone/ITouch App
10) Adding your Trophies to your signature
11) Upgrading your HD
12) Headset recommendations

I'll try and update this post once a week. Its just to give a round-up of what is going in the PS3 world. Please feel free to let me know of any thing you'd like me to update. When I get home I'll see if I can add the games offered on the PSN store and any freebies/offers from there.

Hopefully you'll find this thread useful.


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1) PS3 Usernames on Volkszone

  • wiltsteve
  • guypie72
  • daggz68
  • skeg69
  • mottrex20
  • dub_nut
  • B16MRJ
  • andycoco
  • milfredo
  • Bigstratts
  • jmsheahan
  • oarugby78
  • RenoRanes007
  • marsh2015
  • SuperDreads
  • knee_grow_party
  • orca-the-porker
  • pillock
  • RatLookVWs
  • dubberatlast
  • Lord_Mandark
  • dj-skidz
  • bluebus72
  • vw-hotrod1973
  • beetle71
  • halfpint81
  • Dubster72
  • codcoddy
  • stedlocks
  • Tiacole
  • yes-youn
  • Britstowe
  • robert63dubber
  • boogiestu
  • dean_dubber
  • Nighttrain1974
  • stomp79
  • type311
  • happygillmore
  • Mrdubvader
  • dubvader
  • paddy700d
  • YoDa_HasA_Skoda
  • dubracer
  • flamingchris
  • MJK1975
  • jammee
  • Dolomite_Sprint
  • mick2435
  • pjblink
  • BintyboY
  • benlawrence56
  • unclemeat72
  • Bunglebus
  • andycoco
  • Boab55
  • Big_al518h
  • Rugbyears
  • Beetlepixie
  • Minus-society
  • stormbug72
  • seattoledov5
  • B-I-K-E-R
  • vanny_uk
  • Roblw_1
  • lozikool
  • gazmate70
  • kingfoggy
  • cal-lookbug
  • the roonster
  • goona14
  • Metatron
  • gingameister
  • eckymon
  • Jambirge
  • Mystical_Tramp
  • dylanridesflip
  • matius_84
  • The_Peoples_Pal
  • ossett39
  • dean_dubber
  • nickblackdragon

Please add yourself on this thread and you'll also be able to use that thread to find out who matches which PS3 username!

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2) Current Offers

I'm just going to re-do this post as I'm not able to keep checking the 'good' offers. What I'll give is a link to the 'main' websites.


Amazon - Bargain Games
Amazon - Games under £10

Also...well worth checking if you want to find the 'best price' for a game

find-game - A game price comparison website

27/10/09 - Zavvi are offering;-

£20 worth of PSN points for £15.95
- CLICK HERE - a Saving of 20% or even more if you go through a cashback website. I have ordered these and they have already been delivered. :cool:

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3) Old Offers

3/01/10 -

Get the Dual Shock 3 wireless controler for £18 delivered

Go to

- https://shop.sonystyle-europe.com/
- then click on UK Home (VAIO)
- and search for dual shock

They show as out of stock but will be sent out when in stock (approx 2-3 weeks).

9/12/09 -

Play.com are offering the following games @ £9.99 delivered. They are all the 'Platinum Edition' versions.

Assasin's Creed
Far Cry 2
Race Driver : Grid
Saints Row 2
Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six: Vegas 2

Zavvi are offering the following all under a tenner

Mirror's Edge - £7.95 [SOLD OUT]
Dinsey's Sing It Featuring Camp Rock - £7.95 [SOLD OUT]
Brothers in Arms 3: Hells Highway - £8.95 [SOLD OUT]
Oblivion (Game of the Year) - £9.95
007: Quantum of Solace - £9.95
Bionic Commando - £9.95
Superstar V8 Racing - £9.95

And if you want to risk it for a biscuit, you could get some wired Singstar microphones for £12.95 if you buy the HSM3 games which says '+Mic' so it should be the microphone pack. Might be a cheap way to get the singstar mics. I would guess they are the wired ones, not the wireless ones.

[22/11/09 - Zavvi Monday Madness

Zavvi (now owned by 'The Hut') will be selling Batman Arkham Asylum for £17.99 tomorrow only.

If you want it on the cheap (which you will if you don't already own it) then place your order early as when its gone its goneB]15/10/09[/B] - Zavvi Special Offers on PS3 Games

PES2010 - £29.99
Prince of Persia - £9.95

15/10/09 - Gamestation Deal of the week

Brutal Legend - £22.99
03/11/09 - LoveFilm are offering 10% off everything for next 24 hours


To redeem the fiscount enter the code xmas10 when you reach the checkout. Drops the price of CODMW2 if you haven't already purchased it. I believe it ends tonight/tomorrow.

27/10/09 - Sainsburys in store are offering;-

PS3 slim console and two games for £249.99.

Pick 2 from the following 4 games:

Eye Pet
Fifa 10
Uncharted 2
Need For Speed: Shift
Pes 2010

29/10/09 - GAME online are offering;-

£5 off a £50 spend.

To redeem the discount, enter the code BTY09 when you reach the checkout. This code works on consoles & games instock not pre-orders - Expires: 05/11/2009.

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4) Recommended Games - Current

Although I don't own this game personally....I know that the PS3 VZi crew are well into it.

Amazon Review said:
RRed Dead Redemption is an open-world, third-person, action-adventure game set at the tail end of the American West West era. Action takes place in the first few years of the twentieth century and revolves around the choices that the protagonist, former outlaw John Marston, is forced to make due to his blemished past. The game features a morality system assigning honor and fame points generated through the player's choices. It also features Wild West themed mini-games, new targeting and cover systems, extensive horse riding abilities, a wealth of period specific weapons and more than 40 huntable animals.

Red Dead Redemption is a Western epic, set at the turn of the 20th century when the lawless and chaotic badlands began to give way to the expanding reach of government and the spread of the Industrial Age. A follow up to the 2004 hit Red Dead Revolver, this game tells the story of former outlaw John Marston, taking players on a great adventure across the American frontier.

Red Dead Redemption is a third-person action-adventure game set a fictional open-world American Wild West environment for players to explore. Gameplay area types include frontier towns, rolling prairies teaming with wildlife, and perilous mountain passes - each packed with an endless flow of varied distractions. Along the way, players will experience the heat of gunfights and battles, meet a host of unique characters, struggle against the elements and animals of one of the world's last remaining wildernesses, and ultimately pick their own precarious path through an epic story about the death of the Wild West and the gunslingers that inhabited it. In their travels throughout the territories of the gameworld players partake in a morality system built on honor and fame, where they gain or lose points in each area based on their actions. The game features an easy to use cover system, a variety of mounts and period specific weapons including a cattleman revolver, a mauser pistol, a repeater rifle, a sawed-off shotgun, a throwing knife, a lasso and more. Western themed mini-games are also available, including showdowns, gambling, hunting bounties, cattle herding and five finger fillet.

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5) Recommended Pre-Order

from the manufacture said:
Manufacturer's Description
Call of Duty tackles a whole new era as Black Ops plunges you into the murky height of the Cold War and history's most secretive battles. The world's most popular first person shooter places you in the most dangerous conflict zones of the late '60s.

Call of Duty dives into the secret world of the Cold War
Call in deadly attack choppers in Vietnam
Attack a Soviet outpost in the frozen Ural mountains
Use new weapons such as a Dragon's Breath shotgun
From the jungles of Vietnam to the snowy wastes of the Ural mountains, you and your team must operate behind enemy lines and using only the limited technology of the time. Luckily this includes air support such as the SR-71 Blackbird stealth plane, as well as deadly attack helicopters and armoured personnel carriers.

Like any Call of Duty game the multiplayer will set the standard for all other console games, with enhanced customisation tools, playable vehicles and a revamped scoring system.

Key Features
Retro Warfare: Call of Duty explodes the myths of the Cold War as you join a team of Black Ops soldiers caught up in the fight against communism in Vietnam and beyond.
Ammu-Nation: Use new special ammo including an explosive crossbow, Dragon's Breath flame rounds for your shotgun and a range of other period weapons.
Twisted Metal: Take the controls of the iconic SR-71 Blackbird as you direct operations from high above or jump into an attack chopper in Vietnam for some close-up action.
Online Perks: Create-a-Class 2.0 customisation tool lets you personalise your online battles even more, with new perks and revamped rules for killstreaks.
About the Developer: Treyarch
One of publisher Activision's biggest internal studios, Treyarch have worked on many of the company's best known titles - including multiple Spider-Man games and the Quantum of Solace tie-in. They're also behind Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty: World at War.
Product Description
Call of Duty: Black Ops is the latest installment in the massive Call of Duty series which sees you taking on some of the most secretive missions at the height of the Cold War.
Get your order in now.


2nd Recommendation

Fallout 3 was an amazing game. It brought the real feeling of a sandbox game to the PS3. The size of the playing arena was massive and way the storyline grew and developed.

Amazon Info from the Manufacturer said:
Experience all the sights and sounds of fabulous New Vegas, brought to you by Vault-Tec, America's First Choice in Post Nuclear Simulation. Explore the treacherous wastes of the Great Southwest from the safety and comfort of your very own vault: Meet new people, confront terrifying creatures, and arm yourself with the latest high-tech weaponry as you make a name for yourself on a thrilling new journey across the Mojave wasteland.
Fallout New Vegas


Welcome to Vegas. New Vegas.
It's the kind of town where you dig your own grave prior to being shot in the head and left for dead…and that's before things really get ugly. It's a town of dreamers and desperados being torn apart by warring factions vying for complete control of this desert oasis. It's a place where the right kind of person with the right kind of weaponry can really make a name for themselves, and make more than an enemy or two along the way.

As you battle your way across the heat-blasted Mojave Wasteland, the colossal Hoover Dam, and the neon drenched Vegas Strip, you'll be introduced to a colorful cast of characters, power-hungry factions, special weapons, mutated creatures and much more. Choose sides in the upcoming war or declare "winner takes all" and crown yourself the King of New Vegas in this follow-up to the 2008 videogame of the year, Fallout 3.

Key Features:

•Feel the Heat in New Vegas! Not even nuclear fallout could slow the hustle of Sin City. Explore the vast expanses of the desert wastelands - from small desert towns to the New Vegas strip - and see the Great Southwest as could only be imagined in Fallout.
•Feuding Factions, Colorful Characters and a Host of Hostiles! A war is brewing between rival factions that will change the lives of everyone in New Vegas. The choices you make will bring you into contact with friends and foes, and determine the final explosive outcome of this epic power struggle.
•New Systems! Enjoy new additions such as a Companion Wheel that streamlines communication with companions, a Reputation System that tracks your actions, and the aptlytitled Hardcore Mode. Plus, special melee moves and real-time combat mechanics give you new ways to fight.
•An Arsenal of Shiny New Guns! With double the amount of weapons found in Fallout 3, you'll have more than enough exciting, new ways to deal with the threats of the wasteland. In addition, a new weapons configuration system that lets you tinker with your toys and see the modifications in real time.
•Let it Ride! In a huge, open world with unlimited options you can see the sights, choose sides, or go it alone. Peacemaker or Hard Case, House Rules or the Wild Card - it's all in how you play the game.
Current Pre-order price is just under £40 but Amazon does have a price promise that it will match your price with a lower price if it drops more between your order and release date. And this is a game where you will have a great 'playing hours per £1' ratio.

These will both be on my list of games to have.


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6) PS3 as a Media Centre

I use my PS3 as a Media Centre for my house. Before I sold my PSP I was using that to wirelessly stream films/music/pictures from anywhere in the world. This is very easy to set up and details can be found on this thread. I have bought the PS3 bluetooth remote which makes using the PS3 much more wife friendly. My wife now uses it for copying her photos from her digital camera. She can then show them to family/friends on our nice big flatscreen TV rather than a tiny small laptop screen.

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7) PSN Store Update

January Sale Offers (available on PS3 and PSP where applicable)
(Offer prices available until the 2nd February)

Warhawk Complete Bundle (£15.99/€19.99)
Crash Commando (was - £6.29/€7.99 now - £3.19/€3.99)
TV Show King (was - £3.99/€4.99 now - £0.79/€0.99)
Split/Second - High Octane Supercar Pack (was - £1.59/€1.99 now - £0.79/€0.99)
Topatoi Episode 2: Pillar of the Skies (was - £4.79/€5.99 now - £2.39/€2.99)
Assassin's Creed (was - £23.99/€29.99 now - £15.99/€19.99)
Peter Pan: Adventures in Neverland (PSone) (was - £3.19/€3.99 now - £1.59/€1.99)
A Bug's Life (PSone) (was - £3.19/€3.99 now - £1.59/€1.99)

January Sale Offers from 2K Games

Mafia II Complete DLC Bundle (£19.99/€24.99) (will be published Friday, 21st January)
BioShock 2 Complete DLC Bundle (£11.99/€14.99)

January Sale Offers from Capcom

Bionic Commando: Rearmed (was - £7.99/€9.99 now - £6.29/€7.99)
Final Fight: Double Impact (was - £7.99/€9.99 now - £3.99/€4.99)
Mega Man 9 Complete Bundle (£7.99/€9.99)
Mega Man 10 Complete Bundle (£7.99/€9.99)
Dead Rising 2 Skills Pack Bundle (£3.19/€3.99)

January Sale Offers from Konami

GTI Club+ (was - £7.99/€9.99 now - £3.99/€4.99)
Rocket Knight (was - £9.99/€12.99 now - £5.10/€6.49)
Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement (was - £9.99/€12.99 now - £5.10/€6.49)
Zombie Apocalypse (was - £7.99/€9.99 now - £3.99/€4.99)

January Sale Offers from Rockstar Games

GTA IV: The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Gay Tony Bundle (£15.99/€19.99) (will be published Friday, 21st January)

January Sale Offers from THQ

Red Faction: Guerrilla (was - £15.99/€19.99 now - £11.99/€14.99)
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011: Fan Axxess Pack (was - £6.29/€7.99 now - £4.79/€5.99)
Trial and Unlock (PS3)
Spare Parts (£7.99/€9.99) Rating: PEGI 7
Availability: All locales

Modern Combat: Domination (£6.29/€7.99) Rating: PEGI 16
Availability: Not available in Germany

Downloadable Games (PS3)
Modern Combat: Domination (£6.29/€7.99) Rating: USK 16
Availability: Germany only

Costume Quest on Ice (£9.99/€12.99) Rating: PEGI 7
Availability: Not available in Russia

minis (PS3 and PSP)

Shift: Extended (£3.49/€3.99) Rating: PEGI 12
Availability: All locales
Basha Card Game Collection (£5.10/€6.49) Rating: PEGI 3
Basha Tarneeb (£3.49/€3.99) Rating: PEGI 3
Basha Trix (£3.49/€3.99) Rating: PEGI 3
Soccer Bashi (£3.49/€3.99) Rating: PEGI 3
Metara (£3.49/€3.99) Rating: PEGI 7
Pipe Madness (£3.49/€3.99) Rating: PEGI 3

Add-On Game Content (PS3)

Mass Effect II
N7 Complete Arsenal Bundle (£6.29/€7.99)
Aegis Pack (£1.59/€1.99)
Appearance Pack (£1.59/€1.99)
Equalizer Pack (£1.59/€1.99)
Firepower Pack (£1.59/€1.99)
Recon Operations Pack (£1.59/€1.99)
Terminus Pack (free until 23rd February, £1.59/€1.99 thereafter)
Cerberus Pack (£11.99/€14.99)
(released Friday, 21st January)

Rating: PEGI 18
Availability: All locales

Trinity Universe
High level Armour Pack (£2.39/€2.99)
Synthesis Encyclopaedia Complete Edition (free)
Rating: PEGI 12
Availability: Not available in Australia, Croatia, India, New Zealand and Turkey

Tron: Evolution - Multiplayer Map Pack (£3.19/€3.99) Rating: PEGI 12
Availability: Not available in New Zealand

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Animus Project Update 2.0 (free) Rating: PEGI 18
Availability: All locales

R.U.S.E. - Chimera Operations Pack (£5.49/€6.99) Rating: PEGI 16
Availability: All locales

DJ Hero 2 - Trance Anthems Mix Pack (£6.29/€7.99) Rating: PEGI 12
Availability: Not available in Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and ****** Arab Emirates

EA Sports Active 2 - Nike Low Impact Starter Pack (£3.99/€4.99) Rating: PEGI 3
Availability: All locales

EyePet Move - Emergency Styling Pack (£2.39/€2.99) Rating: PEGI 3
Availability: All locales

LittleBigPlanet - Space Costume (free) (Also compatible with LittleBigPlanet 2) Rating: PEGI 7
Availability: All locales

ModNation Racers - Time Savers Pack (£2.39/€2.99) Rating: PEGI 7
Availability: All locales

Rock Band 3

Stone Sour Pack 01 (£3.49/€5.29) (contains the tracks listed below which are also available separately)
Made of Scars (£0.99/€1.49)
Say You'll Haunt Me (£0.99/€1.49)
Through Glass (£0.99/€1.49)
Rating: PEGI 12

Rock Band Network

'Nosophorus' by Evile (£0.99/€1.49)
'Arcaedion' by Children of Nova (£0.99/€1.49)
'Song About An Angel' by Sunny Day Real Estate (£0.99/€1.49)
'Thank You, Pain' by The Agonist (£0.99/€1.49)
'Flightless Bird, American Mouth' by Iron and Wine (£0.99/€1.49)
Rating: PEGI 12

FirstPlay (PS3)

FirstPlay Episode 41 (£0.99/€1.20)
Availability: Ireland and UK only

Dynamic Themes (PS3)

Leviathan Themes
A Tranquil Stream (£1.59/€1.99)
Billowing Clouds (£1.59/€1.99)
Cityscape Fireworks (£1.59/€1.99)
Crackling Fireplace (£1.59/€1.99)
Code Entropy Dynamic Theme Pack (£3.19/€3.99)
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode One Dynamic Theme (£1.59/€1.99)

Videos (PS3)

MicroBot Heartbeat Trailer
Spare Parts Launch Trailer
Crysis 2 Be The Weapon Trailer
Dead Space 2 Excavations Trailer
Singstar The Wiggles TVC

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8) VZi Clan Details

I'm a casual gamer with no real 'clan' gangs I'm part of. Whenever I start a new multiplayer online game I usually create a [VZi] clan.

I currently have them for;-

  • Resistance: Fall of Man
  • Resistance: Fall of Man 2
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • GTA lV - Thanks Mott
  • Grid - Thanks Mott
  • Need for Speed Undercover - Thanks Mott
  • Wipeout HD - Thanks Mott
  • Motorstorm - Thanks Mott
  • Little Big Planet - Thanks Mott
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 - Thanks Mott
  • Resident Evil 5 - Thanks Mott
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Thanks Mott

If you have any multiplayer games and you aren't part of a 'real' clan, set up a [VZi] clan and add your details on this thread an I'll update the above list.


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9) Iphone/Itouch App for the PS3

This was actually created by a guy from another forum I visit.


Do a search on 'itrophies' on the App store and down load it if you want. Current price is £1.19 which is a lot but if trophies and comparing with friends is your cup-of-tea then it could be a worth-while spend for you.


So I picked up an itunes voucher yesterday and downloaded this app.

Pretty cool logo.

Once you've logged in (mine is set to auto log in) it gives you a summary of your trophies

You'll notice a bar at the bottom of the screen. Clicking friends starts with telling you who is online at the moment and what Trophies they have.

Now you actually have 2 options on this screen - 'Online Status' (above) or 'Trophy Leaderboard'. The Trophy Leaderboard allows you to compare at a glance who has the most Trophies.

Congratulations to dj-skidz who has managed a total of just under 600 Trophies and is on level 9 - 3 above his closest rival!

The final option is 'Games'. This gives you a breakdown of all the games you have trophies for.

This option does have a bonus feature. If you click through to a game it will show you all the trophies you have still got to complete but also you can click through to Youtube and it will try to find video's showing how to get the trophies. Good for when you are stuck and really need a hand.

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10) Playstation Network Portable ID

If you want you can get a copy of your Playstation Trophies as a picture in your signature.

a) Log into the Playstation Network online - http://uk.playstation.com/home/
b) Create your Portable Id.
c) copy & paste the links into VZi to compare against friends (doesn't currently fit in the signature sections).


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11) - Upgrade your Hard Drive on your PS3

For some reason, and we are really glad of it, they decided to make the PS3 internal HD user upgradable. This means it makes no difference if you buy a 40gb model (on the cheap) or get yourself one of the more expensive models.

a - Buy a new hard disk

Recently the drive of choice has been a 320gb model - HERE which can be had for £55 or you can now get a 500gb drive if you need even more space.

Any Hard Drive will do as long as it has these properties
5400/7200rpm spin
9.5mm high. Some HD's are 12.5mm and these one wont fit.

Then get yourself over to this thread - > http://www.volkszone.com/VZi/showthread.php?t=492137 for the other instructions.


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12) - Recommended Headsets for the PS3

GioTeck EX-01 Wireless Headset
Seems to be the most common headset, highly rated by users on VZi. Available in Game for about £23, can be found online for about £17.

A lot of mobile phone headsets will work but you need to know the code to match it to the PS3. The code comes with the headset normally 0000 or 1234 etc.
Ideally you want one with a USB charge cable. For about £6 you can get a budget one sent from Hong Kong via Ebay
Other users may say you are quiet because the mic is far away from your mouth.

If you can find Socom PS2 game with the wired USB mic (normally under £10 on Ebay) then it is a simple plug and play. Downside is you need to be within about 2/3 metres of the PS3.

Top of the range wired headset is the Turtle Beach P21. £69.99
Available from Game. These are wired but allow you to adjust the chat volume and game volume separately.

You can also use the mic that is built into the Eyetoy but it picks up the game and chat sounds so echoes for all other users which can be annoying and will result in you being muted so they can't hear what your saying anyway!

Finally the cheapskate way to re-create the P21 for late night gaming!
Get a wired PC headet which has a minijack headphone and a minijack mic lead. From about £10.
Then get a USB soundcard like this
You will probably also need a headphone extension cable which are about £5 from Maplin.
Then plug the mic into the adapter which goes into the PS3 usb slot. Plug the headphone into the TV headphone socket using the extension cable.
You will have to tell the PS3 that the chat is to go via the TV. The down side is that you can't adjust the levels independently so during massive gunfights the team mates voices are masked by explosions!
The other issue is that because you are wearing heaphones to try and be quiet you end up talking and laughing louder because you can't hear your own voice, then you wake up your wife and get told off for being up in the early hours...again

Thanks to halfpint fighter for the above

Also - you can get the official PS3 wireless headset for £25 or you can buy it with a bundle with the game SOCOM for £25 and then trade in the game to save a little bit of cash.

The official PS3 bluetooth headset comes with a cool docking station (and a really short lead!) and the benefit of the official headset is that you can see you battery life and status (mute/etc) on the screen - something 'unofficial' headsets can't do.

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I got Resident Evil 5 for £19.99 in Sainsburys.
A friend and I played it every night online Co-op until we completed it. Very good game:crazy:

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And it looks like the Xbox360 people are trying to muscle in on our 'fun' with their little social group!

Latest update above includes the PS3 app for the Iphone, although it isn't free. I'll get some itunes credit this week and try it out.
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