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Im planning on doing some European travel with the bird in August, but we need a camper. We plan to drive to dover and do france, spain amsterdam etc.
So we need a camper. Something cheap but not shite. Anything considered, doesn't even have to be a VW, but it would be nice for the resale-ability.
Ideally after some thing that needs a new engine or has engine trouble, or is tatty inside with a good engine, or has panel damage... Something thats not too much work so I can get it sorted in the time span (bearing in mind I run a tyre wholesale business).

So what have you got. I can travel, I'm in Cardiff (Wales Massive - respect) so could stretch to Leicester/London.

I have a nice Bug I could swap too plus or minus some dosh. Its a red 1303 with a 1500 engine, lowered, CD player, nice condition.

Looking between the prices of £500 to £2000.

Mail me on [email protected] or post up here.

Many thanks

Paul + Rhian.

Oh - please dont try and offload a heap of shit onto me! I know most people on here are trustworthy, but the last thing I need is to break down in the middle of France and end up getting bummed by some frog!
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