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I need the following:-

1) Mk1 dash complete
2) Pipes behind dash for blower
3) Rear parcel shelf
4) cover on the brace under dash in black
5) plastic pins to hold the rear number plate housing in
6) Drivers side windscreen trim plus 2 for another car
7) 2x windscreen wiper arm caps
8) 1x top seat belt bracket cover
9) rear Seat belt clamps, which bolts to centre.
10) rear pull botton to drop back seats
11) rods and buttons to pull rear seat belts down.
12) complete ashtray unit including lighter
13) Washer bottle
14) Rubber around door handle
15) 2x rubber grommets which sit on bottom of rads
If you can help with any of these please email me at [email protected] or call 01634 683634 i dont have time to arse around on here thanks Darren
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