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WANTED - Wheels, BRM's/Fuch's/EMPI5's

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after a set of 5 stud wheels for my new ride (67 bug). would prefer a set of fuch's or BRM's but consider anything. PM me with any details :hangloose
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Additional info.

Hi. Got a set of 15" 6J Fusch's. Fronts fully polished, rears ready for final polishing. Rears are early, so lookin' for £250 front pair, £350 rears. Call me if your interested? Paul- 07977 153003.

Also selling lowered spindles, with redrilled and studded discs to fit king and linkpin beam, plus redrilled and studded rear swingaxle drums. Can also do brand new calipers for the front.
got a set of brm's. not perfect condition, but ok. tel. andy 07815931210. coming off car end this week. got bolts too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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