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I am no longer a Rocky Horror show virgin:D I went to see the Rocky horror show last night in milton keynes and oh my word... it was awesome!!! We didnt dress up in the end because we ran out of time and didnt quite get organised enough but it didnt matter because we still had a fab night, not many people did dress up but those who did really put the effort in...

Fantastic performance... the cast really had their hands full with one woman in particular in the front row who seemed to shout out at every chance she got... she almost threw them a couple of times with her remarks but 'Frank' got in there and showed her who was boss at the end;) bleedin awesome night... If a little wierd to see Richard Hillman back from the dead:crazy:

Next time i'm definitley dressing up and taking my props, but i think ill go and see it in the north next time, i think you need a certain type of audience for things like that and last nights audience were either all virgins or just had no idea how to have a laugh...

bugbabe 22, polly and julz i hope you enjoy it as much as i did:D im sure friday night will be more fun anyway;)
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