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What a piece of luck!!!!!1

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Well after playing a gig last month in northallerton vw show. You could say i got the bug to get another beetle after selling mine. And one night out with my partner. I got talking to a lad i know who has a golf. As we got talking he told me he had a 66 beetle and did i want it for FREE. I went round today to look at it and its a very solid car. Trouble is it has no engine in it or head light basically its a massive jig saw. So ive got my bug now with zero cash to do it up. Bloody nightmare may have to see how much satan pays for souls these days..

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Well, if it proves too much for you, I've might've got space for a new bug in my life. I'd have to move the other projects around a bit but the more the merrier :group: Besides, more projects allows for cross fertilisation and a bit of lateral thinking :) :) :)
Anyones thoughts

Well its a 1966 bug with all glass engine is with it but not in the car its solid new floor pans. HEater channels are solid and under the bonnet. It comes with the deck lid bonnet all wings. All been resprayed apart from one front one. It looks like a right good solid base for a car. How much do you think it would be worth as it is now ?????

About 3 years ago I bought a '66 (which I've just failed to find a picture of) in broadly similar condition- needed spare wheel well, door bottoms just starting to go, no engine and the whole thing really just needed a tidy,Oh! and it was a horrible colour but it had been rustproofed from new. Went to see it and got to the awkward part, talking cash, I was thinking 'the absolute most I can go to is £450' when the bloke chipped in ' I can't take less than £100'. So that's what I paid - :)
ive paid £250 in total for both my 70 and 71 bugs, both went straight thru mot's....no thats a bargain!!

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