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jasnye2212 said:
-10 13 17 19 mm spanners
-flat + philips screwdrivers
-power probe? whatever one of those is?
-3/8 socket with ratchet and extension

.... anything else anyone?
My power probe is by far favourite in my tool box. It is bascially a fancy test light for looking at the electrical system. Crocodile clips onto the battery, then a hand held unit that by way of a single LED tells you if a wire is power/ground/open. A flick switch lets you produce a power/ground which you can induce into a wire and the latest version is even a voltmeter which is useful when you have a vehicle that ain't charging. It's a beauty.

If you're having wiring issues (which most ACVWs have!) it's all the tool you need.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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