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Mr_Wobble said:
8, 10, 13, 17. May want to consider an extra 10 & 13mm. If you have the space, add a 12, 14, 15 and 19. Make sure they're combination spanners (open end at one end, ring at the other).
Medium to large adjustable spanner (with jaws big enough for the crank shaft pulley nut).
Same for sockets and ratchet. Plus a 4 inch extension bar, and spark plug socket.
Screwdrivers - Philips, Posidrive, medium flat blade, short stubby flat blade. May want to consider a multi-tip ratchet screwdriver too (if you have the space).
Medium sized hammer.
Locking pliers (mole grips).
Something that's .4mm approx - for setting points gap.
Extending handle wheel brace.
Cable ties.
Duct tape (if you have the space for a roll - but you can buy small rolls).
Couple of rags.
Latex/nitrile gloves.

As for spare parts...
Fan belt,
Spark plugs,
Wire (electrical),
A small selection of nuts, bolts, washers, and screws.
Your just being silly now guys, just join the AA and you'll have about 10 mechanics in your car, a van driving next to you and the satelite above you from the advert!

Sorted! :hangloose :D
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