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What do you think... How great is she?

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Yep, my girlfriend made me a Birthday Cake...

Points out of 10 please! :hangloose
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you are 211 years old... :eek:

wow, thats pretty old dude *nods head* and you have a girlfriend...fair play fella :)

paul :D

Had to say it.
wow :eek:

That cake takes up half the room! :incheek:

Good effort
I thought so! Was well chuffed when she produced that, prety accurate too!
Yea! Lemon maderaa (sp) with a tonne of 'filler' marzipan & that L630 Kobalt Blue icing! Well nice!
If she was my missus I'd be makin sure she had a smile like a cheshire cat all nite long for that!
Its obviously an accurate scale, 1:2, had to bring it in sideways :p
Birthday was last Sunday (1st) yup, she's still smiling.
eightyeightmph said:
Birthday was last Sunday (1st) yup, she's still smiling.
:D good effort ;) :lol: :hangloose
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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