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What else should I do??

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Hi all :D
Just got my type 3 square and I'm giving the engine a service/once over....I've done a bit of work so far, just wanted to check if there is anything else that I should do??

Heres a list of everything I've done so far.....

1. Compression test - all ok
2. Rebuilt carbs (kit and spindles)
3. Adjusted valve clearances
4. New rotor, cap, leads, points, condenser and plugs
5. Oil change and new filter/gauze
6. checked/replaced all the rubber pipe connections for the cooling/heating system
7. New fuel pipe

Is there anything else that's worth doing.....what about the ignition timing, I'm not sure how to do this, have been told that idf the car runs (which it does) then to leave it??

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Have a look in the front section of your Haynes/manual for the full service schedule. It's essential that you check the ignition timing after replacing points.
How do you check the ignition timing, is it the same as all other cars and use a timing lamp ??
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