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What is a Wiki?

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Anyone heard of these?

"A wiki is a website where users can add, remove, and edit every page using a web browser. It is like an encyclopedia that anyone can edit and contribute towards. Unlike the forum the Wiki is intended to have factual information rather than opinion. A forum section is available to discuss the Wiki, including any questions you may have in terms of operation or content (see the Wiki Forum)."

I found this on a diy website here and was wondering if it would be applicable to VW how-to's???

Just a thought, I'm totally 'puter illiterate.
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Benjibug said:
...was wondering if it would be applicable to VW how-to's???
Ghis set this up...


As mentioned above, Null my other half pays to host this and started the VWiki idea. The most important thing that it now needs is contributors and anyone can contribute. We are trying to update it with what we know but I am sure there are others out there but so much knowledge to share! We need to record that knowledge in that free wiki format for everyone to have access to. :)
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