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What size is the standard Allen Key reqd for the Gearbox side and Sump?

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My large allen key got stolen alongside my tools and i cant see much online.

anyone aware what size the allen key is? (then i can get one after work tonight)
otherwise I shall measure it once Ive jacked it up.

Many thanks,
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Yeah 17mm. GSF sell them. I found it best to slice a piece off the allen key and use it as a drain plug in a socket.
I just made one out of a 17mm bolt, two nuts and a blob of weld to hold it together and use a spanner to turn it
ah, thanks all and thanks for that damn good suggestion on the bolt idea! i will do that!

We stock Unior 17mm keys on 1/2drives so you can use them on your regular socket / torque wrench.

Professional grade tooling.!

Depends on how much you want to spend tho. (when I started years back I used an M10 bolt with two nuts double-nuted on to the thread - works well - the Hex on them is 17mm)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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