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Had an email saying my account had been locked as someone was trying to log in with the wrong password.

I tried to get on the site but my password would not be accepted, got a new password, waited 15 minutes to log back in.

Now my PM box is empty and my post count has went down.

:crazy: :confused: :confused: :confused:

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Brian Burrows said:
If someone tried to log in using your user name and got the password 'wrong' five times . . . the server locks them (and you) out . . . it will then send a password to YOUR email* only . . . when requested . . .

It's a security feature that stops others logging in etc.


* A good reason to make sure your VZi profile has your 'up-to-date' email address ;)
Yeh I had to request a password, all works fine. Just puzzled as to why the PM box is empty and my post count went down by ten.

Not the end of the world though :)
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