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What to put on the underside

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Hi peeps any suggestions as to what to put on the underside of our bug to protect/seal it...........thanks :) this is what its like now
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hey, its me again, ive decided to break my bug cuz i jutst aint got the finances at the mo. want any bits!? (jus kiddin)

underseal it! its good sh*t, stops anything from getting to it even daylight! just put it on thin layers at a time, if you put think blobs on it takes eons to dry!

glad you got the hole sorted dude :hangloose
aww man shame about your bug :( no way you can keep hold of it to work at a later date.

as for my holes,sie came round and had a look :) pretty much good news,after he'd gone i found some more :D
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aparently the stuff to use is por15 havent used it myself but everybodies raving about the it.
yeah i reckon i'll go with por15,once the heater channel issue is sorted :)
I always paint my floor pans with a couple of coats of red primer, then a couple of coats of hammerite.
i use red oxide primer too!

but what i have done in the past is, prime with red oxide primer, then underseal, stops the rust growing under the underseal then. although lately i have taken to using red oxide and then a coat of exterior gloss as when you need to do repairs in the furture it makes life easier.
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