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What would you give?

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A guy I know has a '69 1500 in totally original condition. Never been touched. Paint is faded (dark red), and it has the original carpet (and even the radio). It's been stored and not even had its wheels turned for 15 years.

Interior is perfect (including the headlining).

The only rot is the corner just behind the jacking point on the drivers side, and the door bottoms.

V5 included

Wadya reckon?
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Hard to say, does the guy know much about dubs or about the dub scene?

You could pick up a tidy bargain :D

I'd nonchelantly offer him £50 seeing how it has not been run in years ;)
Yep, start very, very low if they don't know what it's worth as the money you save will pay for any unexpected suprises along the way.
The guy's a dub nut, but not too into the scene side of things. He's got 3 splits (including a 21 window), 4 bugs, a 181 kubel and a 911 powered sandrail.

He has said he wants £300 - £400.

I'm not gonna try and kid him, too be honest, he knows a hell of a lot more about VW's than I do. I just wanted to give a fair price and wondered if you guys might be able to give me an idea.
Chnaces are if door bottoms are gone either floor or channel around it aint great or bottom of A is dodgy have a bkloody good check so difficult to say without seeing.

In this scenario though it aint gonns be whats it worth its how much are you willing to pay, if someone says to me a price between A and B I will always err for A why would you want to pay more?
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