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Man, what a country!

Spent a year traveling there myself in a Holden Commodore (Vauxhall cavalier estate to the uninitiated!)

Yeah Buses everywhere - saw a Split for sale for under $3000 thats less than £1500 :crazy:

I travelled all the way around and down the middle, camped in a tent most of the way and took the Commodore over some pretty crazy roads, through creeks etc, met amazing outback characters and had a real adventure!!!! Didnt break down once and the car was 22/23 years old!

Would love to get back out there if I can work out a way to emmigrate I will, loved every bit of it!

Get over to Exmouth and Coral bay on the west coast and do some snorkelling on the coral reef (ningaloo) if you havent already - you will love it! :hangloose
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