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What's your irrational fear?

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Prompted by a conversation over the weekend, involving Mrs Wedgedout (although I'll not say more cos it's not my fear :lol: ).

So yeah. Spiders, Pigeons, Dogs etc etc... All fairly common. But has anyone got any unusual ones? You know, like a fear of blue pencil cases or of the word "spork" or whatever. My apologies if you DO have an irrational fear of the word "spork", I'll only mention the word "spork" once in this post so you should be OK.

Thing is, I'm not sure I have one myself! Irrational fear I mean, I've got a few sporks. I don't particularly like wasps, but they don't bring me out in a bout of apoplectic shrieking. Maybe I DO have one, but I haven't thought of my nemesis yet, maybe someone will prompt it and I can then spend the rest of my life in fear of encountering whatever it is.

The closest is the Mk5 Escort. But it's not an irrational fear, it's totally justified and logical :lol:
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Brian Burrows said:
RLY? All Tigers or just Sunbeams? :crazy: :smartarse:

If you have a fear of Tigers, do you have a much-reduced fear of common house cats then? A minor flinch rather than a full-on "WHOAH GET ME OUT OF HERE NOWWWWW!"?
zombies :eek: no really can't watch any movie/tv show/game with them in
Nothing wrong with a MK5 escort, better visually than a mk 4 escort.
I truly hate wasps but dont freak out when i see one.
Wolves, shite me up everytime, and its very rational :incheek:
Daleks, Clowns and that nasty robot in RoboCop :crazy:
surely a fear of tigers is a rational fear as they really can rip your head off and discombobulate you!
Just heights really.... well not just heights, pretty much anything i can fall off. :)
monkey76 said:
Love that word, :lol:
monkey76 said:
surely a fear of tigers is a rational fear as they really can rip your head off and discombobulate you!
Its the monkeys you want to worry about.

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Nothing really unusual but I'm really scared of daddy long legses :eek: :eek: :eek:
Brian Burrows said:
That's why I keep a chair with me at ALL times :eek:

The only thing in the jungle that a Tiger is afraid of is a chair . . . that's why Lion (Tiger) tamers use 'em ;)
To be honest, if I were a Tiger and I spent all my life in the jungle and stuff, surrounded by trees and nature and all that, I'd be pretty freaked too if I came into a clearing and in the middle was an orange plastic school chair or something :lol:

Hmm, do animals have irrational fears too then? :strokeschin:
monkey76 said:
surely a fear of tigers is a rational fear as they really can rip your head off and discombobulate you!
Irrational in that there aren't too many Tigers roaming the mountains of France. ;)
"there are only 2 things in this world that scare me.....& 1 is nuclear war!!"

"whats the other 1??"


"whats the other thing your scared of"

"Oh.....Carnies, circus folk......small hands..smell like cabbage"

Sorry, shameless Austin Powers quote!!! :D :D
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Toe nails, makes me flinch when I cut mine :|

upsetting Mrs Wedgedout, but trust me, that's VERY rational

owning a Truimph acclaim, again very rational.
Shamrockez said:
Even Easter ones?

Brian Burrows said:
Funnily enough . . . I've managed to 'make friends' with the (male) Feral Cat that lives in my garden . . . he rips everyone else to shreds, hisses and spits, etc. :lol: . . . for some reason he lets me stroke him :confused:

I don't like Clowns much . . . not a 'fear' as such . . . just make 'uncomfy' :(
Clowns. Yeah, I see that... Wouldn't say I fear them but I'm sure I've paid a few to work on my cars in the past :lol:
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