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Wheel/tyre sizes on baja

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Could anyone tell me what the maximum tyre size they have fit on the front of their baja without the tyres rubbing when you turn the corner?

Also, when the front beam is raised, does it add much clearance?

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Answered half of this on one of your other threads. I use 195/80/15 tyres on the front on 5.5x15 wheels. I have had to adjust the steering stops to make sure the tyres don't rub. The tyres also used to hit the headlight bowls before I made my raised spindles.
You made raised spindles !

Tell me more please.
garageman said:
You made raised spindles !

Tell me more please.
Do a search on here, I have posted about how I did bits of them and put up a couple of photos. Or keep checking on airsouls.com because I have started the how-to for them. ;)
I have seen a pic on here by searching

Good work, and I agree safe if done with care and correct equipment.

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