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where to get weber ict 34's manifolds

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can anyone suggest where I would find the above please? Are there different types of manifolds and if so which are better? Hardly dare ask this but is the installation of ict's an engine-out job? Its a 1600tp bay.
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shouldn't be an engine out job, Try VW speed shop ^top of page or VW hertitage/SSP. Easy to put in, a little more work to get setup properly. Check they are jetted correctly too.

Probably worth taking to someone who can tune and balance them up nicely for you. Have you got a linkage for the throttles?

Cheers for that Ado, basically - bought the carbs (including type 4 manifolds) for a type 4 lump I'm working on over the winter months but in the meantime will try them on my 1600tp. they have a linkage but its a t4 linkage so will adapt it to fit. Should only need changing length of hex bar I reckon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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