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Which Por15 paint?

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Gonna have my car back from the body shop in a week or so, and I want to repaint the chassis and pans after i patch some small holes. I want also to get a decent coverage on all the bits that are prone to rust while im there.

Now, I was looking at the frost website, but am semi-confused.

How much chassis paint will i need to do both sides of my pans?

Will this also do for the other general areas i need to do or should i get the rust preventative paint too?

Cheers in advance

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the rust preventitave paint is the one that you will need for the chassis, give it two coats with this, some people leave it at that but as the paint isnt UV stable i decided to top coat this with the chassis black also.

if the metal is new ie.not rusty, you will need to strip the paint off and spray the areas with metal ready to give the paint something to key to.

as far as quantities one quart should be enough to go around the floorpan top and bottom.
por15 rocks dude....

i'm on my 3rd large tin of the rust proventative stuff whilst getting my 72 bug ship shape and i didn't split it from the pan.

you can spray it or brush it on but even brushed it stil looks good. if you are painting rough or rusty metal get the loose cleaned off first, if your doing new smooth metal you need to apply the metal ready stuff first to prep it otherwise it will streak and shrink.

it's the toughest paint i've ever used....be careful with 1/2 full tins as i couldn't get the lid back off mine its so strong :crazy: :D
Thanks guys, thats great!

I will be ordering some tomorrow!

Or you could use what Matt Smith and Mark Hopley and other top restorers are using now!

man that stuffs pretty expensive. when i restored my beetle i stripped the hole pan to bare metal and etch primed it then sprayed it with stone chip made by Bodyline i think from some local auto shop. that stuffs like £3.50 a litre and is rock hard, the only bad point is its a bit of a matt textured finish rather than a smooth glossy black. but compared 27 quid a litre i can learn to live with that :D

just dont get the hammerite stone chip, you can scratch that crap off with your finger nails
Stone chip and the likes of Rust Bullet are planets apart, stone chip is just decorative it is porous for a start allowing moisture to pass through it and get trapped between the metal and the stone chip, then rust starts but you dont see it until it is to late.
Get the black stuff, the finish is better. I bought some silver, and it was pretty hard to paint it by hand and get a ok finish...black was far easyer.
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