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Ive got these odd shaped heat exchanger things that i took off my ghias old 1200 engine. I remember when i bought the car the guy mentioned something about it having the old style heater boxes rather than heat exchangers, but i have a 1500 engine and gearbox thats going in the car so i wasnt really listening. But then at a show this year i saw a pair of the same things marked £400! (they were NOS)

I was wondering if anyone can properly identify them and tell me what theyre worth? (I'm going to uni in a week and need all the money i can get!) maybe they are highly sought after for an early stock resto? I dunno

They are absolutely rust free except for one spot on the J-tube type section which had the usual bit of coke can jubilee clipped on but it could be easily repaired. They also have the lower tinware that looks specific to these heat exchangers because theyve got some control flaps built into them, the ones i saw at the show didnt have any of this tinware with them. anyway here they are.

Thanks everyone :D
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