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We've just got our visa :D ..but unfortunately we can't go yet :(

I've got a sponsored visa from a new start-up company in Perth(kind of a sister company to where i'm currently seconded). The major funding for the project has been delayed so they don't have the money to get us out there yet.

Perth looks like an awesome place to bring up a family(we've got 2 daughters - 6 & 8yrs) and even though we've never been it was an opportunity not to be missed, both lifestyle and career wise.

I could have had the visa in about 2 months but the medical centre in the UK sent our documents to the wrong place! Cue lots of wasted time and effort and us eventually paying for more medicals :rolleyes

We should have been there for christmas but now it looks like we'll be here for another few months....so we've bought a new van for the summer;) :D

Like we have to keep telling everyone, we'll get there eventually and it will have all been worth it...:)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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