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Why are people on this site so uptight ?

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:confused: i have posted a couple of auto items wanted threads in the last week or so and there is always some smart arse feels they need to comment,
first i was looking for a nosecone for a split gearbox and it was suggested i go to heritage ! i can read a catalogue like most people so i know what they have, whats the point of the forum if i'm just gonna hbuy new ????
next a thread for cheap empi's, really nice fella offered me some but they were more than i wanted to pay so politely replied and some one had to make some snotty comment ?

what is it with people , if it aint something you have then why poke ya nose ?

nowt stranger than folk !!!!!!:(:(
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lol. Ive had that on another forum. Put up a list of parts and got why dont you try gsf. you feel like replying saying do i really look that chuffing stupid. I would have bought them off there if i wanted to pay brand new prices for them
So you object to someone telling you where you can aquire the part you want if nobody is selling on here?

And i really feel for you, if nobody wanted to sell you parts at below the going rate, how fucking unreasonable can people be eh?

You are right, there is indeed nowt stranger than Folk.
Umm, just sounds like people trying to be helpful :confused:
All forums have em mate.
Someone had a did at me the other day on here:confused: brush it off mate n move on;)

You want to register with JK camper chat.
If you havnt been there, you aint been in a proper row:D
You did not specify whether you wanted a new or 2nd hand one dude,he was helping,you may be the uptight one dude,welcome by the way.

Yes on the empi thread he was back seat moderating as well being helpful,dont take it personaly,it is after all a public forum
Just had a look at those two threads, and the replies didn't come across as someone being uptight, if you ask me. Sensible advice in the wheels thread, and maybe the suggestion to try heritage for the nosecone was because the poster thought maybe you didn't know you could get on new and that s/hand was the only way?
just read the replies dude and all it seems to me is people are trying to help you out :confused:
there just offering advice to you!
I just had a look at your 2 wanted threads and TBH it doesn't read like people are being snotty or poking their nose in.
Looking at those threads i don't think anyone was being uptight at all, i'm confused.com
I've just read your Empi wheels thread and can't see the problem :crazy: Someone just mentions you should maybe say how much you wanted to pay then it would save people getting their hopes up and you saying 'naaaaa that's too much' ;)

Fucking hell, you really need to get a grip.
people just trying to help!
ive posted wanted threads, and had links to heritage which i didnt see and are good price, or i was just too stupid to find.
surely its people like you, who have a go at the helpful people which put the helpful people off, meaning less help.
Does anyone know if he is related to Frank pierce:lol:
Fucking hell, you really need to get a grip.
for once we agree:lol::lol:




i now revert to disagreeing with everything dragster says:lol::lol:

cheers james
Its crazy isnt it, and now youre getting all these responses on here saying there was basically nothing wrong with these "uptight" fuckers helping you out on your wanted ads.

Hey I dunno, its almost like theyre suggesting that maybe its you that has a problem.


How crazy is that?


PS. You have crap taste in wheels :lol:
I too have just checked out the threads, and I'm afraid that you, Sir, are coming across as a right pillock.
Does anyone know if he is related to Frank pierce:lol:
Do you mean THE Frank Pierce ?

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