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Wiring a fridge up????

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Hello out there, i'm in the process of wiring up a fridge to a leisure battery, which is housed in a kitchen unit from a westy, it's a 3way jobbie but i only want to run it on 12 and 240 volt (dont like the extra holes), i have had the fridge plugged in and running on 240 in the garage and found the wires for the 12v but here lies the problem, it has a multi plug with black, brown and blue wires in it, so i'm now unsure of what wire goes where and dont want to damage anything by hit and miss wiring, any ideas folks??? :confused:
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Thanks for that info, i've saved it for reference, am gona have to have a closer look at the back of the fridge as i'm sure both the imputs, be they 12 0r 240v have 3 wires in them, i thought it just had something to do with the fact that at one time the whole kitchen unit was plugged into a main harness from the original westy van and one of said wires was a sender for the battery reader thingy on the front of kitchen unit..i'll tell you how i get on.. ta..
Moby5153 said:
See if this makes sense....http://www.kampenwagen.co.uk/fridge power.htm
I haven't read it so I'm not confirming it.
Excellent Link ;)
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