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Woo! A job!

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Well.. sort of :D Just sorted out some temporary work for myself... its only 4 weeks and its nothing glamourous... but the money is what i need!.

So for anyone in the north east manchester area.... i'll be one of the poor bastards stuck outside in the winter weather telling u where to park for the new ikea in ashton-under-lyne! 10 hour shifts! and its an ikea opening so its gonna be hectic :(

But its better than being on the dole! :)
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Congrats, I hope you don't suffer leg cramps.:)
well done you - i stuck blank stickers over book barcodes for 2 days once as a temping job!
Nice to see people who will work whatever.
dogfood said:

When is it opening?
Thursday 19th.

Got induction 18th.

It's gonna be a nightmare there on the first few days...

I heard they are expecting something like 300,000 visitors, and Ikea itself has got 600 parking places.

Mrs Veedweeb works for the local health trust, and all her staff have been advised to work from home on the 19th :eek:

Good luck, dude.

And if you see me, can you sort me out with a place near to the door? Thanks :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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