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wot is the best box for motor ways?(sitting at 65-70mph)

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hello just wonderin cause i need to go some where abit faster!!! :crazy:

it for a t2 1600 motor..

cheers steve
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if you want to go somewhere faster get a modern car.

if your only running a stock 1600 engine there is no point in trying to change the gearbox in your bay, the gear ratios are designed to work with the power of the engine and so it stays cool, most people dont hammer their bay round at 70mph and cruise at 60mph.

on the other hand if you have a bigger engine eg a type 4 or a big type 1 then the only real bolt in option is to get a gearbox out of a 2litre bay which have a slightly higher gear ratio due to the more powerful 2litre engine.

after that its either adapting a porsche or t25 gearbox, which relies on more horsepower to push the brick of a van along.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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