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x 15x5.5 inch Porsche Spacesavers and mint 912 Caps

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4 x 15inch x 5.5 inch Porsche Space savers.
3 with tyres, 1 without.
All et34

£45 each - £160 for all 4

4 x mint Porsche 912 hubcaps (appear unused, virtually as new condition)

Chrome and interior galvanising is all excellent, you wont find better anywhere.

1 x very good spare

£125 including insured postage

** The chrome is far better than it looks in the pictures! **
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any pics of the wheels themselves?

they the ET53's with 1 valve hole?
At least one of the wheels has got the multi valve holes

They're all ET 34 :)
ah bugger, im after the the ET35's

back to ebay for me then :incheek:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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