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I am building a stock looking 1776 cc engine for my 1303.

Any comments suggestions and specially experience with a similar setup, on the specks below, are most appreciated?

What i want is a civilized easy driven engine that pulls from low down.
Of course I want as much power as I can get, but not on the great expense of low down power and torque.
Going from 1300 to 1776 will naturally give a great deal of what I want, but maybe there are more easy apples to pick?

I will use:

Cast AA pistons and cylinders.

AB 1300 engine case – AS41- With Hover mods.

Full flow oil pump / filter.

Stock crank, con – rods.

Stock TP heads, and do a little flow work on them

34pict carburetor – MAYBE a progressive Weber.......

Probably stock valve train with bolted rocker axles.
Depends on whats needed for the cam I am going to use.

CR 8 – 8.5

Stock looking exhaust with CSP High Flow tailpipes and either I will mess the internals up in the stock exhaust, or maybe buy the CSP stock looking one.

As I don’t want a screamer and as I rarely will see over 4000 rpm, I am a little I doubt about if I just should stick with the stock cam or go for a mild upgrade.
Have tried to order a CB 2280 cheater cam but the order were canceled because it is not available any more.
That leaves me with stock cam,
or maybe an Engel W90,
or maybe 1:25 rockers with stock cam is just what I need,
or if some of you folks have a better suggestion?

Recommendations to the rest of the setup is of course also most welcome.

Have been looking a little towards this setup CSP has posted, using a W90 cam, in conjunction with their High Flow tailpipes.
View attachment 303316
I ran a 1776 with stock 16 heads/valves all be it ported and polished diy. Stock crank but balanced, engle 110 cam. (If not wanting to rev the engine maybe stay stock or 100?)
Dual 34 itc....make sure are genuine webber not modern crap. I perfonally don't like the 32/36 progressive carb. I have one that's given me no end of trouble that want a rebuild if looking for one, but I'd go dual 34s any day.
Fit a equal length merged header and choose your back box wisely. A single pack will be torquier, easy breathers will let it rev harder but feel less torque low down in my experience. Best performance I got was from a CSP super competition...... or BAS as it was back then and much less money. Had access and weight drawbacks but sounded great and gave my best quarter mile time over and easy breather and restrictive single pack stainless.
I fitted external additional oil cooling full flow for peace of mind.
Ran this setup for a few years and was a lot of fun. HOWEVER.....for a small price Increse I wish I'd just gone upto 94mm over 90.5 and made it a 1915cc 😉. If your having machine work done why not maximise the bore if keeping stock stroke. Best of luck

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I'm running a stock solex with 1.3 main and maxed out pump etc on a 2.0 CU.
Not finished the 3rd and final vid in this little series yet as keep making changes lol but seems to work OK but hardly a performance option 👍

Issued to race around with my mates in a 1776, they had a 16/41? Single dell setup and a 1300 stock setup but decent exhaust. On the flat there wasn't a huge difference in Acceleration...... yeah I know! The 13 was unreal!.... The bigger the cc the better it was up hills however and in Sheffield that counts.
For that reason I think a 1915 would be the approx difference between a 16 and a 1776, on top. I'd take that any day.

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I always regretted not going 1914 instead of 1776. If your studs are going to be compromised then don't but for a small price increase in the heads you get a more powerful motor. I ran a mild 1776. Stock heads and valves diy polished and ported. Dual 34s. Engle 110 (but I had the crank balanced so would rev higher than stock)
Tbh i would save yourself a heap of time and money, as if your going to stick with a single carb I'd just slip in some 1641 barrels and be done with it. Difference between a mild 1776 and a 1641 is only really noticeable on a big hill.
Good luck 👍
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